To create a beautiful life not to be hindered by any difficulties

On Wednesday, the People’s Daily will publish an article entitled “To Create a Beautiful Life not to be Hindered by any Difficulties,” authored by “Xuan Yan.”

This 4,000-word article systematically and comprehensively summarizes the amazing journey China has taken, without fear of hardships, resulting in marvelous achievements gained in the face of challenges.

In great detail, the article also analyzes how to tackle challenges with a fresh outlook and how to embrace the future with confidence, determination, calmness and vigor.

The article points out that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people have been fighting against hardships, overcoming difficulties again and again, and going forward courageously step by step. They have written a historical chapter that shines out in the era, and created a beautiful life that belongs to them.

The article says that the good life is neither the one in greenhouse nor the one in a vacuum. Hardships constitute the essence of life. The good life can only be built through solving issues resulting from rapid development, resolving problems occurring after certain stages of development are achieved, and overcoming difficulties in attaining further development.

The article urges people to grasping the historical process, understand historical events, and examine the combination of past and present, reality and future from the perspective of the long arc of history. When looking at the various hardships that the Chinese people are experiencing and possibly encountering in the process of creating a better life and realizing the dream of rejuvenation from this larger historical perspective, we will always be able to keep sober in the midst of uproar and maintain calm in the turmoil.

The article says that the spirit of enduring great hardships in the pioneering work of hundreds of millions of Chinese people is necessary to achieve lofty goals and live a better life. Stay vigilant against all talk and no deed, strive after lofty ideals, follow our own path and do our duty well.

The article concludes that it is normal to face trials and hardships. Face the world and brave the storm. Try your best to make the trip. Today’s China is growing amid wind and storms.

“Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why don’t you slowly walk and chant at ease?” as the poet wrote a thousand year ago. No storm can prevent Chinese people from pursuing a good life.


Resource: People’s Daily