Exclusive Interview with Xiang Xinhuang, President of Milan Overseas Chinese Trade Promotion Association, on ‘Sons of the Celestial Empire’ Program

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Xiang Xinhuang, a Wenzhou native and a Chinese-Italian, is the chairman of Italy’s Xinhua Group and the first president of the Milan Overseas Chinese Trade Promotion Association. He has been living in Italy for more than 30 years and was invited by the Chinese government to attend the “Celebration of the 74th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China” National Day reception in 2023. On the eve of the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, he accepted an exclusive interview with the Chinese cultural window program “Sons of the Celestial Empire”.
Upon receiving the invitation, Xiang said, “I feel very honored. Our business association has received three invitations, and we have the most among all the overseas Chinese groups in Milan. I am very honored and proud.”
When asked about his state of mind when he arrived in Italy more than 30 years ago, Xiang revealed, “I came alone, and then I studied Italian for four hours every day. I did not make any money for ten years until I mastered the language and started doing business.”
Xiang also shared his feelings about missing home during the Chinese New Year. He said, “I miss my mother’s noodles very much. Wenzhou noodles and rice cakes are our favorite dishes during the New Year. Whenever I see the red lanterns in Italy, I can’t help but shed tears. During the Chinese New Year in Italy, we all sing some Wenzhou tunes, and everyone is very happy.”
Talking about the development of his homeland, Xiang said, “My hometown is my forever root! The most loved color by overseas Chinese is the beautiful Chinese red!”
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