Zhaoxi Gu”Humanity is the ultimate human pursuit”

“Humanity, is the essence of separate the people from faunal region, a man without fear of heart, the world is unimaginable, andPeople should have dreams, and rational dreams.”
Zhaoxi Gu ,  Vice Governor of Yunnan province, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration Bureau, the vice-minister of Ministry of civil affairs of the People’s Republic of China.
In CCNTV host poetry depth dialogue, discussion about the nature of science and the relationship between science and humanities,  how to correctly use scientific guiding life,  how to learn a good problem such as the concept of scientific development.
“Our generation hard-working, is to slow down our children, to pursue science and philosophy, to give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to pursue the arts of music, dance and painting, which are the human last.
Human nature is the essential thing that separates human beings from animals. Human beings have no fear. The world can’t imagine that human beings should have dreams



Shitong: What is the relationship between science and culture? How should individuals and countries view it?


Zhaoxi Gu:In my opinion, science and humanities is indispensable to people living together the two aspects of knowledge, as the two sides of the same coin Scientists pursue is the universality of scientific knowledge and extensive, artists as well Scientists are trying to use their knowledge to explore the objective laws of health of the nature, and to summarize them into law, this law using the broader the deep, so the science, the more valuable; Humanities also is same, artists in their creative inspiration, to awaken people’s consciousness and subconsciousness of those feelings, the feelings, the more deep, the more extensive expression of the artistic value appeal, region span, the greater the time span of this art is good, so I said, science and the humanities as a two sides of the coin, is indispensable to human life together (knowledge) of the two friends.


Shitong: How do we view the impact of the development of scientific civilization on human life?


Zhaoxi Gu: Science itself is neutral. In the process of transforming our life with scientific knowledge, we must make it blend with other elements of civilization. How much sediment? What’s the peak? Are some terminology, where there is li bai’s will into the wine, the Yellow River water heaven, pour into the sea no longer back to the loss of this kind of artistic conception and aesthetic feeling, is a kind of sad I feel happiness index of people at the present time is difficult to improve an important reason, in this, we ignore the value of the aesthetic feeling of this kind of art and its existence, the pursuit of the data is not is not important, but you need to put it together with other element, can have better effect to our life.


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