Cheng Guilan : the heart has red laurel art sublimation

Guilan cheng, China’s famous soprano, a former committeeman of opera deputy head, national first-level actor, senior colonel ranks in the early eighty s, her beautiful singing of the taihu lake with a strong jiangnan charm through the great river north and south, late in 2017 and has been dating the broad masses, guilan cheng invited by Windows studio to accept an interview with Chinese culture, love about your career and culture.
Guilan Cheng growth in jiangnan beautiful suzhou, grandparents and parents Brother elder sister is a Beijing Opera actor, she grew up with troupe, with superman’s art spirit, at the age of 15 is admitted by forces became a little Wen Yibing One party soil to raise a party person, in the eighty s, when the composer dragonfly and songwriter Ren Gongju create beauty in taihu lake Looking for the right after the work the singer, was guilan cheng wonderful voice and with suzhou pingtan lasting appeal struck by the beauty of the divas performing, and there was one of the popular classic.
Art energy stored by going after 30 years, guilan cheng constantly, in addition to the music, singing, she also have strong interest to study calligraphy, after be was a disciple of the famous calligrapher Zhang Huichen teacher, she study hard, just a few short years has made rapid progress, be Zhang Huichen evaluation for many of my students in the most diligent one of the fastest progress.
‘art is universal,’ she says. We should not only write properly, but also write well. Singing is also the same. You should not only have a good voice, but also sing to make people feel good and pleasant.

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