The new anti-corruption drama 《He Qing Hai Yan》performed brilliantly and successfully

By the drama literature society of China and CCNTV is to invite new anti-corruption Jin-Opera Datong city people’s government jointly organized 《He Qing Hai Yan 》on June 26, 27, continuous performance, Mei Lanfang grand theater in Beijing,  department of the ministry of education, and more than 200 party members , party and government organs as well as more than 20 famous playwright, critic, and representatives from various units in Beijing etc. Nearly 2000 people to watch the performance.

Guo lei, deputy mayor of Datong city, said in her speech that the play is a beneficial attempt to carry out the central government’s requirements and deployment on inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture and to deeply explore the achievements made by historical and cultural resources based on local conditions.


《He Qing Hai Yan 》muddy source water conservancy to minister to the qing dynasty daoguang years shanxi county cadastral chestnut yu beauty as the prototype, with full passion and vivid writing passionate singing, people who serve a heart shaped 1 generation official LianLi image, is to use the unique charm of Chinese traditional opera and expressiveness, sing praises true brave to carry forward the Chinese nation and atmosphere of vital qi, is the noble moral sentiment and traditional scholar-bureaucrat spirit salute of starring Sun Lanlan and all staffs professional dedication and the perfect art highlights and loved by the audience.


During the show, the show expert seminar on June 27, in Chinese culture cadres management college, China behavior law honest behavior research association vice chairman of former President Dai Jianming Hao Guangbao, and du high YanZhenFen lee should He Yuren Li Dongcai wait 15 experts attended the meeting and speech experts play stage music director of the play characters such as to give the full affirmation, ideological, artistic and profound realistic significance of the play highly, think of the play creation embodies the cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence, there is a vital qi ground to see for a few moments In recent years, the Chinese academy of drama and literature awarded the play with outstanding drama performance for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


At the symposium, lu chang-hom, wang xiao-ping and other famous actors of jin opera were invited to sing classic pieces of various genres. Guests were amazed by their excellent and melodious singing styles.


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