The Forbidden City, nearly 600 years old, is reborn in change and innovation

“In year of 1420, YongLe emperor built the Forbidden City, on the year of 2020, it ‘s just 600 years old, on that time, hopfully, we can pass a greatful Forbidden City to the next 600 years.


In Jan 2015, Palace Museum director QiXiang Shan in  Chinese Academy of Sciences held a <<Doorman to take you to visit the unopened area of Forbidden City >> lectures, the lecture two years ago, suddenly, recently on the Internet and fire up the lecture, the cultural relics of the real data, the imperial palace in visible change, plus ChanJi cheung, dean of the serious sense of humor, won a large number of young Internet users rapidly recently, cheered, cancelled the ticket of the imperial palace, began to fully implement network ticket, plus the last word of mouth at the documentary I cultural relics in the palace, and this ancient but never out of style in the era of the ouchi forbidden palace Is quietly undergoing a careful and significant change.


The museum stores the memory of a nation, how to play the largest role of the museum in each era, is every practitioner should think of the question behind the heated lecture is what kind of ingenuity, green sea supplement reporters recently interviewed the director of the Palace Museum shan jixiang.


Opening and Keeping


More and more, the Forbidden City has begun to use scientific and technological means to guide tourists, so that visitors can enter the Forbidden City more and more deeply. On the other hand, the Forbidden City has also retreated the shops and restaurants that have occupied part of the palace for a long time. It seems that the Forbidden City is closing its doors while opening its doors.


QiXiang Shan:The cultural heritage of the Forbidden City is unfathomable. The vast and profound cultural resources in the Palace Museum carry out every work, which is often intertwined with the dilemma. On the one hand is the enhancement of comprehensive strength, on the other hand is the defense of cultural tradition.


Want to find a stand the history between the two test balance, need to handle the relationship between the ten aspects is forbidden to put, ban all threaten the security of a heritage of cultural relics collection of audience behavior, let the audience to improve efficiency facilities and service space is blocked and hydrophobic, blocking damage audience cultural rights and interests of the illegal act, dredge channel maintain normal audience visit order 3 it is ancient and new, with a new security system to keep the palace buildings health four is slow and fast , increasing the science and planning of the protection of cultural relics of science and technology, speed up the protection of cultural relics of science and technology infrastructure and platform for the construction of the five is reduced with increased, reduce and eliminate hidden dangers, increase the six is closed and open public facilities, reasonable closed for maintenance of cultural relics, opening wider to the outside area for audience seven was pure and rich experience, high-quality goods exhibition palace culture of exquisite, diverse display the palace culture is extensive and profound, eight, refined and vulgar by gen products, show both historical and cultural background, and nine is inside and outside the palace culture into daily life To ease the increasingly tense space pressure in the Forbidden City, open up more open cultural protection and display space.


Last year, a documentary made a sensation when I repaired cultural relics in the Forbidden City, unveiling the mysterious veil of the cultural relic restoration industry, attracting people to start to pay attention to this area that has always been unknown to the public. Do the masters often go out of the palace gate to participate in various activities, and do they contact people to open the door and fix contradictions behind the door? As for the concept that the cultural relics mentioned in the film should be restored as old as new, can you explain it to us laymen in detail.


welcomed by young people of cultural relics in the palace, and followed by the national Palace Museum of cultural relics restorer became popular with young people’s career, that choose the life attitude of dedication, more exactly, a spirit of the imperial palace moved them, proves the cohesion of Chinese traditional culture in the young generation and charisma


Hospital of cultural relic of the imperial palace was established in December 29, 2016, is located in the west side of the palace walls In jinshui riverside, divided into the protection of cultural relics protection and restoration of cultural relics studio technology laboratory Three most protection and restoration of cultural relics of auxiliary business, is currently the largest domestic functional categories most complete The most complete scientific research facilities The largest number of cultural relics in professional technology protection agency Named hospital of cultural relic of the imperial palace, because the restoration is a scientific process, like patients to the hospital sees a doctor, not only need to have the traditional technology of artisans to carry on the empirical judgment


Each collection before repair, need to its historical material composition structure, as well as the conditions for scientific analysis of the test, so that in the repair process, maximize the protection of historical and cultural information, don’t change the original state of cultural relics, realize inheriting traditional process technology, so you need to develop detailed after the repair plan, to start implementing repair protect, and published to repair protect report.


Graceful and Realistic


The cultural and creative products and humorous and profound network marketing of the Palace Museum have always been popular among young people. They are promoting the most serious culture and cultural relics in a non-serious way, and choosing such trendy marketing methods and product creativity. As the President, have you ever had any concerns? Whether or not they will be given the scale of the spoof.


Palace Museum have been thinking about the palace culture how to dialogue with today’s life is smooth, hope to be able to use cultural creativity, cultural heritage and contemporary life aesthetic demand docking, let more ground the Palace Museum To the national Palace Museum continuous efforts, will intensify research and development of cultural creative products, improve the development of culture creative products, developed with the palace culture connotation and the characteristics of distinct era culture creative products, culture in a variety of fresh and vivid way out of the Forbidden City, as the general public to share spiritual sustenance, from the moralistic infusion into infection type dialogue.


Palace Museum culture dissemination is an imaginative and youthful energy, also let more people see the imperial palace young state of mind But more importantly, the national Palace Museum culture creative product, should comply with the health positive values, can be creative, but not vulgar, more not a parody as cultural institutions, the national Palace Museum there is a clear cultural orientation, the pursuit of high level of culture So-called lovely culture creative products have social demand, but not the mainstream of the palace culture creative product, no more than 5% of the total culture creative products.


Over the years, many changes have taken place in the Forbidden City. Set up a cultural relic hospital to repair the bronze ware and thangka; How’s the new policy of renovating the palace, bringing tens of millions of artifacts to the audience, and fully implementing online ticket buying in the near future? Have you received any feedback from tourists.


Over the past six years, the Palace Museum has gradually improved the management level of the museum by promoting the implementation of Internet real-name ticketing system, which limits the daily ticket sales to 80,000 person-times and expands the opening to divert the audience.


On Oct 10th 2017, The Palace Museum officially conducts online ticket sales, but we set up an integrated service window in the original ticket office to provide ticket purchase service for the audience who are not familiar with online operation.


Since the online ticket sales and the limited flow distribution, the improvement of the reception order is very obvious. Second, the central axis of the Forbidden City is no longer crowded, the number of visitors to the exhibition increases, and the number of visitors to the museum decreases. Third, the adoption of time-sharing visit measures, annual exhibition without long lines; Fourth, the slow season smooth, the Palace Museum security risk greatly reduced.


n the future, the national Palace Museum will further strengthen the fine management, based on the data analysis, tickets next year trial period of time, when the audience can choose a specific period of time that day to the hospital Facing a spare end door due to cut the ticket ticket area to let the collection of cultural relics in the forbidden palace to life For the purpose, to explore the appropriate form to continue to serve the broad audience and the general public.



Today and Tomorrow


Nowadays, the Forbidden City often holds thematic exhibitions and expert lectures. We seem to feel that you want to narrow the distance between the Forbidden City and ordinary people. What’s the next plan for the Forbidden City?


19th report in the new era of upholding and developing the basic strategy of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to strengthen the protection of cultural relics and cultural heritage, perfecting the system of public cultural services, dig into Chinese excellent traditional culture contains the ideas of humanism ethics, modern world oriented future-oriented national science and popular socialist culture, to show a permanent Chinese culture charm and times.


I think, to implement the above requirement, let the Forbidden City with more and more close to the average person is, one is to respect the cultural rights and interests of contemporary people and future generations, to preserve the cultural roots of the Chinese nation, to protect the culture heritage and rich cultural relics in the collection, and this is the national law gives everyone’s responsibility, also is the foundation of our lineage to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture.


Secondly, must fully understand the development of modern face to the world for the future oriented, national science and popular socialist culture, general secretary of the profound connotation of jinping stressed to keep in mind and practice of the Chinese communists and mission for the Chinese people’s happiness, his mind is, therefore, seeks the revival of Chinese nation, I think, the development of socialist culture, is to people-centered, efforts need to satisfy the increasing of the general public a better life.


Next is to China times ictus, let the Chinese culture to show the elegant demeanour of Chinese culture has a long history in the permanent charm and era, however, the international community understanding of Chinese culture and understanding is not enough solid and comprehensive, even some countries may because of stereotypes prejudice museum circles in recent years, international exchange exhibition, but we need to spread China’s voice in a wider range.


Finally, built the Palace Museum exhibition on display from the start of the school is unique, starting from the palace buildings and cultural relics collection of the Palace Museum, the original condition and the historical art display system determines the palace as the same character ZhuanGuan exhibition is on display is key temporary exhibition exhibition annual exhibition is the hotspot is attractions to deepen, the Palace Museum will be in the form of a more diverse transfer the palace cultural information to the public .


The huge collection of cultural relics in the Forbidden City is a test of the wisdom of the administrators on the protection of cultural relics. What Suggestions and opinions do you have on the existing laws and regulations on the protection of cultural relics.


Formulated for the protection of cultural heritage protection planning programme significance to a protection of cultural relics protection units of planning is the legal documents, is directly guides the work of heritage protection and utilization of prescriptive manuals the implementation of the protection planning is conducive to the protection of cultural heritage, the authenticity of the historical relics environment conducive to the protection of cultural relics ontology, is beneficial to guide management unit of the daily management work, and the specification and the scope of protection of the overall arrangement of construction control area of all kinds of construction activities planning and formulation of protection measures and put forward the technical requirements, and to guide the cultural relics protection project Planning management and open plan put forward by the visitors evacuation plan, etc., and for the verification and control of total management increasing tourism boom limit of its adverse effects on cultural relics, has important practical significance through planning, gradually realize the cultural heritage protection work shift from passive to active, on the way of protection from assault type rapid emergency type to set up a sound system to form a long-term mechanism.


On Jan 2017, state administration of cultural heritage and the Beijing municipal government approved and announced the palace to protect the palace to protect the overall plan is established on the basis of the overall planning of the national Palace Museum in October 2003, entrust the history institute of China architectural design and research institute cooperation compiled by the palace to protect overall planning outline so far this is the Palace Museum, the first aimed at the protection of cultural value as a whole under special protection and management planning.


The protection of cultural heritage plays an irreplaceable role in disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge, carrying forward and cultivating national spirit, maintaining cultural diversity of mankind, and promoting mutual respect and mutual understanding among nations and nations.


Qixiang Shan in one thing mentioned in the lecture, in 2013, the palace issued an injunction, public and private motor vehicles can’t into the palace at the time of the French President Francois Hollande came to visit the Forbidden City, Qixiang Shan insists not to let the President’s team into the palace, to persuade the fruit he turned off the meridian gate, the team had to be stopped in front of the meridian gate and let Mr Hollande a line to walk into the palace Qixiang Shan, said the G8 coalition is riding a horse into the Forbidden City, today we cultural Renaissance should begin from the start of culture itself, our culture is a dignified, our viewers should enjoy equal treatment.


Dignity, the most mentioned word of Qixiang Shan nearly 600-year-old Forbidden City, has not stopped the pace of change and innovation, like our nation, no matter how many wars and natural disasters, it will always be renewed again and again