People around the world are marking the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth-CCNTV

People around the world have paid tribute to the greatest thinker in human history by marking the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth
(may 4th 2018 CCNTV Shitong)Today marks the bicentenary of Marx’s birth. With great reverence, people from all over the world are remembering Marx, the great thinker of mankind, and revisiting his noble spirit and glorious thought.
(2018年5月4日中国文化视窗英国伦敦电 诗童)今天是纪念马克思诞辰200周年,世界各国人民怀着十分崇敬的心情,在这里缅怀人类伟大的思想家马克思,重温马克思的崇高精神和光辉思想。
Marx was the revolutionary mentor of the proletariat and the working people all over the world, the main founder of marxism, the founder of the marxist political party and the initiator of international communism.
Since the communist manifesto was published 170 years ago, marxism has been widely disseminated throughout the world with the fundamental mission of seeking happiness for the people. The people is the most distinctive character of marxism.
nowadays, marxism has greatly advanced the process of human civilization and is still the ideological system and discourse system with major international influence. Marx is still recognized as the first thinker of the millennium.
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