Yuliang Yang :Understanding the spirit of Fudan University

The motto of Fudan university is extremely wonderful, erudite and diligent. It is not only about the development of its own profession, but also about the future of the whole nation and even the whole human race.
“复旦的校训极其精彩,博学、笃志、切问、近思, 不仅是关注自己专业的发展,而且还会关注整个国家民族的前途,甚至关注整个人类的前途命运。”

Yang yuliang, famous scientist and educator, former President of fudan university, chief scientist in the field of polymer chemistry in China, chief expert of the national basic research climbing program on basic issues of polymer condensed matter physics, academician of Chinese academy of sciences; Served as director of the office of academic degree committee of the state council and director of the department of degree management and graduate education; He is now the director of the Chinese ancient book protection research institute of Fudan university.


 CCNTV – We walk into the former President of Fudan University and interpret his humanistic feelings and spirit of Fudan University.