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    覆蓋39個國家和地區的中國文化傳播使者The messenger of Chinese culture covers over 39 countries and regions

  • 中国文化视窗坚持“内容为王、形式创新”的理念,努力为人民提供昂扬向上、怡养情怀的精神食粮,讲好中国故事,传播好中国声音,更好地塑造国家形象。

    CVNTV insisted on “content is king”,provide an enterprising spirit pabulum for people,telling the legend of China, spreading Chinese voices,shaping the national image.

“視聽中國 文化世界”本臺官網:www.cvntvus.com/


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Remarks by Ambassador Cui Tian

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon. It is a great honor and privilege to …

Legendary Chinese Kung Fu chor

NEW YORK, July 2 (Xinhua) — Yuen Woo-ping, a renowned martial arts ch…

Composer paints a musical pict

During the last six years, Academy Award-winning composer Tan Dun has trave…

Discover China: Traditional op

Using modern sound, light and digital stage effects, China’s traditio…

Hanfu sees revival as elegant

Dressed in a long-sleeved chiffon top and an orange pleated skirt, bilibili…

Exhibition sheds light on pain

Never to Cease Fighting, a portrait of Lu Xun, a leading figure of 20th-cen…

Cultural heritage masters keep

Artists and enthusiasts gathered to celebrate China’s intangible cultural h…

Traditional Dong cloth making

A woman of Dong ethnic group weaves cloth at Laozhai Village of Yuping Dong…

“China Day” Wushu

      Martial artists show off their Kungfu skills to a larg…

Chinese New Year celebration in 2020

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Enchanting Beijing


National Class

“Wang hong collection“ has c

Recently, the CCNTV planning and production of high-end cultural interview programs “Wanghong  colle…Read more

He songqing: incense medicin

The first thing that xiang xue and xiang dao call for is to return to nature. Xiang culture is just …Read more

Ji Xianlin talks about famil

季羡林   父亲荒唐离奇大起大落 季羡林的记忆里,在他十一二岁时就已离世的父亲,给他这个儿子留下的仅仅是“荒唐离奇”四个字。 季羡林出生在鲁西北一个叫官庄的地方。《文集》中“赋得永久的悔”一文中写道,…Read more

Lou yulie:The fundamental sp

Mr. Lou said that in recent years, we have been emphasizing cultural confidence but in the past 100 …Read more

Nanhuaijin: the unification

How many ancient books have you read? Even if you read it, do you understand it? And do those books …Read more

Qian mu: how to complete a m

There is only one person born in heaven and earth, but not one person. Therefore, everyone is a pers…Read more

Rao zongyi: a master of Chin

He thinks he’s range is wide, make the person often has the feeling of boundless sea Si, this …Read more

Tang yijie: why do I live

If a person is not willing to be ordinary ordinary, naturally to bear suffering, so there is a Chine…Read more

Ye jiaying on du fu: the las

We often talk about sensations, about your heart and your emotions, but who saw them? Du fu shows us…Read more


Culture Merchants

Cheng Zhigang : Entering China and Africa

编导手记 程志刚第一次做客中国文化视窗的时候,我们正在录制2016年的文化大拜年,作为“中国文化大拜年”的特邀嘉宾,作为…

Cultural merchants in Zhejiang and Guangxi

Business and culture complement each other and cannot simply…

Design can be extraordinary because of poetry

Design itself is the art of gathering thoughts and emotions.…

Gao Yuanyuan: Choose only the projects I like to invest in

 “want to do it because I want to pass on what I like&…

Jinglin: to make a world-class stage play and influence the world

In my opinion, originality and content and accurate position…

Shan Dai : Love in song

she create”Shan’s singing ”as “Easte…

Shenfeng Chen:“entrepreneurship” which i understand

The chief talent of an entrepreneur is to find and nurture t…

The Enterprise Analects of Confucius

For more than a decade, he never stopped interviewing and qu…

The Enterprise Analects of Confucius

十多年来,他更从未停止对中国顶尖企业家的采访和追问。 Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailLin…

To be a pure merchants of culture

Gong shuguang said that the Internet and resources go forwar…


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Young China

  • 《I’m a Chinese boy 》 Promo

  • A campus story six years ago, with you

  • Ceremony in high-school

  • Borrow a Lesson

  • Child star – HU Xianshi

  • China’s most beautiful child star – Pei Jiaxin

  • Chinese traditional culture show《The Chinese Child》

  • Let every child be brilliant

  • Loudi Youth sinology knowledge finals

  • Meeting at school

  • Memory of Wuhan University

  • President Xi Jinping Meeting with the chinese young pioneers representative of the national congress

  • Reciting the classics of Chinese studies and shaping the elegant demeanor of youth

  • School story:Wanna be with you forever

  • That bitter youth

  • The Olympic cup national youth sinology competition was held in Guangzhou


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  • 《Hero Paean》

  • 60th Anniversary of the School of Philosophy of Renmin University

  • 70’s China

  • China changes on camera

  • China Visual-Taste of Chengdu

  • Happy life in China

  • Folklore:karma

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